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Rock and Jazz


Dolls, Godzilla and Cars, etc.

Artwork and Crystals


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Carl Perkins book

John Serrie CD

John Serrie CD2

Skynard CDs

Ed Grimley Lunchbox

LilithFair Framed Promo Litho
     Lilith closeup

Santana Promo

Sara McLaughlan promo

Vai Guitar with Sig

Vai Magazine with Sig

Zappa LP with Vai Sig

Guitar Amplifiers

Cal Guitar trio

CSNY Inside


Dead in Atlanta bootbox

Derek Trucks band

Dylan Basement box

Dylan and TheBand

Jimi Hendrix bootbox

Jackie Chan signed Book

Kate Bush jap box

Kitaro signed mandala

Marley box

Mike Olfield box

Monkees signed Video box set

Monkees Signing box

Peter Tork

Neil Young bootbox

Neil young metal promo CD&stand

Neil Young OnTheRoad box

Nascar Elvis Poll Winner

Patti Smith closeup

Patti Smith print dark

Patti Smith signiature closeup

Paul Rogers promo guitar pick

Pink Floyd bootboxes

Skynard jap CD signed

Steve Vai

Stones Atlantic City bootbox

Stones blackbox

Rolling Stones 3D holographic - 15x15in

The Band Last Waltz bootleg

Vai G3 signed Guitar

Vai Guitar Closup





The Who Jacket

Who Tour Jacket

Yes box

Yes album cover (signed by Chris Squire, Steve Howe, and Alan White w/Backstage VIP and after show passes, and ticket stubs) - 13x13in

Zappa box

Zappa box2

Zappa box3

Zepplin Cabala bootbox

Page and Plant signed BBC CD and tour t-shirt

Alan Parsons Autograph

Bil Evans Boxed set

John Coltrane Boxed set

Elton John Versace (2)

Elton John Warhol

Jazz Boxs

Kate Bush Box w/shirt

Charlie Parker Boxed Set